TDC Updates – September 2020

Updates from TDC

Change is in the air

As the seasons change on the Adirondack Coast, TDC is also preparing to change addresses again. Construction continues daily on Industrial Boulevard on our newest buildings, including TDC’s new administrative office. Since January 2020 our staff has been working out of the office space at 672 Route 3 (formally home to the Kneucraft Fine Jewelry and Design). This fall we will transition into our new permanent office space at 109 Industrial Boulevard. If you need to visit us in person, you can find us there starting in the month of November. Please note that our phone number has not changed and that we will still be getting mail at our PO Box (PO Box 955, Morrisonville, NY 12962). Stay tuned for additional photos and updates as construction wraps up.


Looking back: Celebrating a Milestone  

TDC celebrated our longest standing tenant, MEDISCA. They have been operating out of our buildings for 25 years. TDC leadership treated their staff to donuts and cider from Banker Orchards in appreciation of our long-standing relationship. We are looking forward to MEDISCA’s continued success in the North Country (read more here).





Looking ahead: Meeting in the New Normal

TDC is cautiously optimistic about the next few months regarding the Pandemic. We have taken to trying to move to in-person, socially distant, meetings whenever possible. While we are in between office buildings, we have turned to having our meetings at the West Side Ballroom. The event space has been very accommodating to our needs and offers a safe environment to conduct meetings in person with ample space, restrooms, parking, and high-speed wireless internet. They also make it easy to serve refreshments, offering a robust menu for catering and beverage service. While we still offer a remote option to call-in if necessary, our board has appreciated the opportunity to engage with each other and TDC staff in the same physical location.

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