TDC Supports Essential Businesses Amidst Global Pandemic

The Development Corporation has been fortunate enough to maintain business as usual amidst the global Coronavirus Pandemic. With the help of technology, the staff has been able to transition to working remotely – maintaining safe social distancing while continuing the mission of the organization. 

This includes fulfilling tenant work orders, hosting regular board meetings, showing vacant units for lease, prep-work for TDC’s new office space (more on that here), and routine building maintenance. 

Each year, the TDC board and staff budget for a variety of preventative building maintenance. This proactive approach to building maintenance and repair allows both TDC and businesses who inhabit those spaces to have control over the situation, limiting interference with day-to-day business.  

After careful consideration, TDC has decided to proceed with many of this year’s planned projects, so long as they can occur within the guidelines set by the government and health officials. The decision to continue with the plans for this spring was made in an effort to both support the needs of our tenants as well as local vendors and contractors. TDC is proud to be able to invest in local businesses to support our work, especially during a time of so much uncertainty. 

TDC continues to support tenants through the effects of the pandemic. Resources and guidelines relative to all businesses in the region can be found on TDC’s COVID-19 response web page.


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