Greater Plattsburgh’s Close Proximity to Canada Means U.S. Manufacturing is at Your Fingertips2018-11-28T21:04:58+00:00



Today, Canadian companies are part of the U.S. economy and the Greater Plattsburgh business community

  • Montreal, Canada is located just one hour north of Plattsburgh
  • Montreal is the largest city in the province of Québec and the second-largest city in Canada
  • The U.S. buys 75% of all Quebec exports
  • Trade between Canada and United States is estimated at $742 billion a year, a relationship that supports an estimated 680,000 jobs in New York
  • 180 Canadian-based companies have established a business presence in Clinton County, NY.

Samuel de Champlain and Henry Hudson established the first and most important North American trade corridor 400 years ago and it continues today. The Québec – New York Corridor, linking New York City, Albany, Montreal and Québec City, is the most exciting in North America and underscores the economic union between the province of Québec and the State of New York.

It is not surprising that Quebec businesses such as Nova Bus and Bombardier have a strong presence here. In just 2016 alone, Canadian companies such as Delastek, Insum Solutions, MTL COOL, Plastitel, and Prelco announced plans for expansion in Greater Plattsburgh.

New York serves as Québec’s gateway to the U.S. market. New York State is Québec’s number one export market in the United States. For its part, Québec is New York’s 13th largest export market, ahead of India, Brazil and Russia.

Today, Canadian companies are part of the U.S. economy. They make things here in Plattsburgh and New York State and, in the process, create well-paying jobs.

“The fact that some 350,000 persons cross the border in one direction or another every day of the year and generally feel pretty comfortable when they arrive in the “other” country is an indicator that Canadians and Americans share a great deal of culture, including business culture,” said Peter O’Donohue, former U.S.Counsel General, Québec City. “Our mutual values and shared habits of mind contribute enormously to the ease and desirability of doing business with each other and help oil the wheels of economic integration that have already been greased by geographic proximity.