Plastitel to expand in Chazy

Plastitel to expand in Chazy

“Their success provides added confirmation that our area is the place to be for Quebec companies looking at the U.S. market, and we look forward to working with Plastitel for years to come.”

Plastitel USA is expanding its manufacturing operation at the Northstar Technology Center in Chazy.

Plastitel Director of Sales and Marketing Michael Pouliot said the expansion involves new investment and transfer of some equipment from one of its two Montreal-area plants. That could help double its production capacity in the United States, he said.

“It will solidify our position in the thermoforming industry in America,” he said.


Plastitel, with head offices in Laval, Quebec, moved into about 15,000 square feet at Northstar last summer. That would increase to about 20,000 square feet with the expansion.

The company, which specializes in thermoplastic manufacturing, opened its Chazy location to provide parts to Nova Bus and Prevost. That has helped those two companies, both part of Volvo Group, meet Buy America Act provisions in municipal transit authority equipment contracts that receive federal funding.

The expansion is expected to secure the five jobs presently in Chazy and allow it to grow to about 25 if potential new opportunities develop as forecast.

Pouliot said when they add jobs, they plan to hire from the surrounding area.


The ability to hit its job creation targets is crucial due to the $100,000 in tax credits Plastitel received through the Excelsior Jobs program when it opened in Chazy. That state commitment encouraged the company to invest about $750,000 at the site.

The need to diversify in the United States became more urgent as Plastitel received word of impending layoffs at Nova Bus and Prevost, Pouliot said.

Those job cuts resulted from the cyclical nature of contracts in the mass-transportation equipment manufacturing industry, and a spokesperson for those firms said earlier they expect to re-hire once new contracts are in place.

In addition to mass-transportation equipment components, Plastitel manufactures products in Canada that are used to make medical equipment, as well as industrial and recreational products. Its portfolio includes recognizable clients such as Stryker Medical in Michigan and Johnson and Johnson in California.


Pouliot said Stephen and Victor Podd, who formed Northstar LLC to buy the former Pfizer facility, have provided excellent assistance.

“It’s been a great experience,” he said.”They were very helpful with the move but also now as we grow.”

Stephen Podd said he is pleased to see their first tenant’s additional commitment to the site.

“We’ve worked very closely with them over the past three months. All of the infrastructure is in place to meet their needs,” he said.


Pouliot said they also received assistance from the North Country Chamber of Commerce, especially in helping them make the connections that led to the move.

North Country Chamber of Commerce president Garry Douglas said the expansion shows another way the growing mass-transportation equipment cluster benefits the region.

“They have been a great company to work with from the start, and we are very pleased they are experiencing success in the U.S. market and are now diversifying their customer base beyond transportation,” he said.

“Their success provides added confirmation that our area is the place to be for Quebec companies looking at the U.S. market, and we look forward to working with Plastitel for years to come.”

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