Working in the Office During a Pandemic

TDC began returning to our office during the “NYS Phase 2” reopening in early June.

Prior to getting the okay to return to our office space, our staff worked diligently to come up with a plan to safely operate amidst the pandemic.

Using resources from NYS and the local Chamber of Commerce for creating a safety plan, and learning more about the spread of the virus from the CDC and WHO, we came up with a plan that met the state and federal regulations and most importantly, made our staff feel safe to return to the office. (See a more comprehensive list of links here)

The key components of our plan include:

  • Implementing policies for visitors, daily cleaning, and maximum capacities in the office building.
  • Maintaining a log for staff and all visitors into our office space for potential contact tracing.
  • Posting signage around the office in regards to expectations around wearing personal protective equipment, cleaning commonly used tools, and reminders for maintaining a safe distance whenever possible.
  • Investing in cleaning supplies and making them readily available near all commonly used workstations.

Throughout the pause on operations in NYS, TDC worked remotely. As part of operating remotely, the staff implemented a daily video call check-in meeting. This has been extremely helpful in maintaining communication across the staff and allows for personal interactions that are otherwise missed working in a remote location. The staff currently is working in the office as well as remotely as needed to avoid the potential spread of the virus.

Flexibility, compassion, and ingenuity are what have been and will continue to allow our office to successfully operate no matter where the staff are located.


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