MTL Technologies Announces New PPE Sanitizing Cabinet

MTL Cool is a Montreal based company that manufactures commercial refrigerators. Since 1997, MTL Cool has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing units that are used across North America. Their refrigeration units are designed to show off the products that they are keeping cool while also providing an opportunity for branding on the exterior. MTL Cool provides custom refrigeration solutions to many national brands, grocery stores, and mini-marts.

During the global Coronavirus Pandemic the minds behind the technology used in MTL Cool refrigeration systems turned to solve a new problem in the face of global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shortages.

MTL Technologies Inc. has introduced a new product, ALPINE-UV-390 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) sanitizing cabinet.

This PPE sanitizing cabinet uses heat (150°F/65°C) and UV-C lighting to sterilize the items. The interior surfaces of the cabinet are reflective to maximize light exposure to the items being sanitized. Protective gear, such as N95 masks, can be placed on adjustable hooks secured to a rotating pedestal to ensure they are sterilized on all sides. The combination of light and heat work together to eliminate pathogens, including COVID-19, allowing the PPE to be safely used again without the risk of further infection. This technology will help to eliminate the shortage of available PPE, reduce the environmental impact of single use items, and most importantly help to save lives.

The initial prototype has been completed and will be tested at the MUHC in Montreal. The MUHC is extremely excited about this new

product and the potential it has to positively impact the healthcare industry at this critical moment in time.

For the latest developments on this product visit MTLCOOL.COM.
Download the product brochure

The Local Connection

MTL Cool has been operating out of Plattsburgh since 2016. A tenant at The Development Corporation’s (TDC) Air Industrial Park, MTL Cool started out in a space just over 5,000 SF for distribution. Since then they have expanded their operations in Plattsburgh using over 37,000 SF where they now manufacture and distribute products. Hundreds of units are manufactured, packaged, and delivered across the country from Plattsburgh, NY.

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