TDC Celebrates Long Standing Relationship with MEDISCA

MEDISCA is TDC’s current longest tenure tenant.

Late September 2020, TDC celebrated their current longest tenure tenant, MEDISCA. For 25 years, MEDISCA has been operating out of at least one of TDC’s industrial buildings. Plattsburgh, NY offers advantageous proximity to their operations in Canada as well as a skilled workforce and high quality of life, among other business advantages (see what other businesses call Plattsburgh, NY home). “During the past 25 years TDC has proven themselves to be much more than just a landlord with continued support in understanding our business needs in addition to our current and future expansion projects”, Larry Harney, General Manager, US Operations at MEDISCA.

MEDISCA is also celebrating 30 years of business. This global company has offices all over the planet including North America, Canada, and Australia.  They provide turnkey solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in compounded medication. Compounded medications are created by combining individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient and their own unique needs. These are ordered by a licensed physician, veterinarian, or other prescribers and must be mixed in a safe and controlled environment by a licensed compounding pharmacist.

Locally, MEDISCA takes pride in the opportunity to make an important contribution to the quality of medication compounded in laboratories and pharmacies across the world. The Plattsburgh location is MEDISCA’s longest-established facility and boasts a loyal workforce including long-standing employees who have been with the organization since the first day of occupancy in the building.

Over the course of 25 years, in Plattsburgh, NY MEDISCA has:

Since MEDISCA joined the park in 1995, TDC has built 10 new buildings and has welcomed 20+ businesses into our buildings. TDC is glad to be a part of this company’s local success. Please join us in celebrating the success of this company in our region and the positive impact that it has had on our community. We look forward to celebrating may more milestones with this organization.

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