TDC Celebrates Local Businesses2020-01-06T14:03:02+00:00

At TDC, our success is defined by the successes of the companies that are here in our region.

TDC partnered with Mountain Lake PBS to create ‘Made in Clinton County’, a television series designed to highlight businesses succeeding in the region.  The series of segments profiling local companies appear on Mountain Lake Journal and are paired with a roundtable interview by Thom Hallock.

Find out why sales of Schluter’s tile accessories and related products increased to approximately $70 million in the United States and Canada in 2011.

Find out how a local cake decorating supplier is able to sell to customers in a 140 different countries.

Learn how 4 miles of wiring is installed on one bus.

Who is one of the oldest manfacturers in Clinton County?

Find out what part of almost every snowmobile in the world is made in Plattsburgh.

Find out how The Country Malt Group was transformed from a backyard business into an industry giant.

Mold-Rite in Plattsburgh produces 12-14 million
pieces of product daily. What do they make?

Who is the technology leader in waste water treatment devices and why?

Made in Cliinton County