Inside the Parks with SpencerARL NY, Inc.

SpencerARL NY, Inc. is a logistics company. Their operations take place entirely in the Development Corporation’s Air Industrial Park, spanning two buildings. They have been a tenant in the park since establishing 2009. Today, they provide tremendous services to Nova Bus and Prevost in their creation and manufacturing of Hybrid and Diesel buses.

The Development Corporation is excited to be a part of each business that does work in our parks. Today we’re highlighting SpencerARL NY, Inc. to share a little bit more about their journey in Plattsburgh region.

Spencer ARL New York, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Ontario based Spencer/Butcher Group. Locally, SpencerARL assists Nova Bus and Prevost Bus divisions in the assembly of their units in Plattsburgh. They build all of their “sub-assemblies”, which amount to 250-300 different assemblies per bus.

They also provide warehousing and logistic services, including the sequencing and transportation to Nova Bus’s facility on Banker Road for all material related to the assembly of their Buses. Their operation is a valuable part of the North Country’s growing transportation equipment cluster – more than 50 companies across the region. Spencer ARL’s General Manager, John Vermette, serves on the Advisory Board for the cluster’s support entity, NAmTrans.

SpencerARL currently performs all this work out of two facilities, totaling 160,000 sqft, both located on Area Development Drive.

We asked SpencerARL NY what makes this geographic location desirable for business:
“Location, Location! Being in the same area where large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Volvo and Bombardier choose to do their business and the actual geographical advantages. The close proximity to Montreal and having easy access to a corridor such as Interstate 87 really helps us to drive prospective business and maintain long-standing relationships.”

What would someone in the community be surprised to learn about SpencerARL NY, Inc.?
“Some of the most commonly used ambulances were completely built at SpencerARL and delivered across the US.”
In 2014, SpencerARL NY, Inc. started a contract with Demers Ambulances, the largest Ambulance manufacturing company in Canada. Their “Type 2” vehicles, which were primarily used in the United States, were completely built and delivered by SpencerARL. This partnership existed until the ambulance company left the area when they merged with an Ohio based company in 2018.

Why do you like being a tenant in a TDC property?
“In our collective opinion, the TDC Group and SpencerARL over the past 10 plus years have created a true partnership! We have a unique relationship that is beneficial to both groups and one that gets stronger every year. TDC more than understands Economic Development and the needs of their Business tenants. I also want to mention the staff, my personal favorite part of working with the TDC group. The team, both past and present are fantastic to work with, they have really helped all my team over the past years. We are looking forward to a long partnership with them.”

SpencerARL is one of largest employers in TDC’s business parks. If you’re looking for work where you can see the fruits of your labor on roads across the U.S., SpencerARL could be the place for you. Currently, they have openings in materials and production as well as their support departments. If you’re interested in learning more, contact their HR department directly at

Looking for even more information on SpencerARL? Visit their website

Inside the Parks: This is a series of blog posts shared in an effort to create more awareness about the businesses in our parks and the type of work they do. We will be featuring more about each one of our tenants.
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