Inside the Parks with NERIC

Educating the region’s next generation is taking on a new look amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote learning has evolved from novelty to necessity, and with that comes a greater need for tech support and guidance. The source of much of this support comes from TDC’s Air Industrial Park tenant NERIC (Northeastern Regional Information Center), a provider of technology support and services for 136 school districts from the Capital Region to the Canadian border.

TDC is excited to be a part of each business that does work in our parks. Today we’re highlighting The Northeastern Regional Information Center – Plattsburgh Office to share a little bit more about their journey in our region, and the role they play in transforming education in our communities.

Please tell us briefly about the type of work your company does.

The Northeastern Regional Information Center provides advanced technology services and support to meet the needs of students and school districts in seven BOCES across a geographic service area that covers 17 counties.

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected how you operate?

We have had most of our staff transition to work remotely. We have had to amp up our virtual tech service offerings and expand that rather quickly to meet the needs of districts providing remote instruction to students.

What makes this geographic location desirable for your business?

The Plattsburgh office is a nice central spot for our school districts in the North Country. This office also provides a data center which is a back up to all of the regions and districts we serve.

What would someone in the community be surprised to learn about your organization?

We work with and support 136 school districts. We partner with our school communities to transform education through vision, leadership, and support in technology. NERIC provides districts with a broad array of services that apply to multiple facets of district operations such as instruction, student information, security and test reporting. Our trained professionals and technical experts provide the best technology and application solutions possible for each service and program. NERIC deploys dozens of trained and certified technical experts throughout the region who design, install, support and manage districts wide area and local area networks. We also provide instructional staff development offerings and high quality planning that help districts enhance their educational programs for students of all abilities and needs.

Why do you like being a tenant in a TDC property?

TDC has always been so helpful and responsive, and always supportive of the work that we do.

Are you hiring? If so, please briefly describe the type(s) of positions available.

We often have help desk technician opportunities to work with our school districts. Learn more here

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We truly enjoy our space here and hope to continue our partnership!

Looking for even more information on NERIC? Visit their website

Inside the Parks: This is a series of blog posts shared in an effort to create more awareness about the businesses in our parks and the type of work they do. We will be featuring more about each one of our tenants. Can’t wait? Learn more about each of our tenants through their own websites, find a complete list here.

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