Inside the Parks: Northern Culinary Brands

The Development Corporation is excited to be a part of each business that does work in our parks. Today we’re highlighting Northern Culinary Brands to share a little bit more about their journey in the Plattsburgh region.

Have you ever driven down Banker Road and picked up a delicious scent in the air? That would be the delightful results of Northern Culinary Brands hard at work. Banker Road Industrial Park is home to their USDA co-packing food production facility specializing in ready to eat meals distributed by third parties.

This Plattsburgh based company specializes in making chef prepared flash-frozen meals and proteins that are sold across the US. It is possible that the lunch that you heated up from the freezer was prepared and packaged in Plattsburgh, NY.

Northern Culinary Brands (NCB) first started their New York operations in 2016, setting up part of their business in TDC’s Banker Road Industrial Park the same year. This company has grown from just under 22,000 SF to over 46,000 SF in two separate buildings. Their staff works diligently to prepare, package, and ship food from this location. The business expanded into TDC’s old office space at the beginning of 2020 to create more room for administrative operations for NCB. Their company, deemed essential throughout the recent Coronavirus pandemic, found themselves growing again to meet the rising demands of consumers. This past month, NCB expanded its footprint in the Banker Road Industrial Park, now operating out of the entirety of two buildings.  The co-location of all their operations will allow them to become more efficient and allow for additional room for equipment and staff needed to meet demands.

Northern Culinary Brands is growing and looking for motivated individuals to join their fast-paced team. To learn more about their current job openings, visit their website HERE.

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Inside the Parks: This is a series of blog posts shared in an effort to create more awareness about the businesses in our parks and the type of work they do. We will be featuring more about each one of our tenants.
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