David F. Champagne III, President and CEO2019-10-07T13:14:37+00:00

David F. Champagne III joined TDC as President and CEO in April 2019

In his capacity as President and CEO David is responsible for the overall operation and staff at The Development Corporation.  Foremost David’s role and mission is to generate jobs within the TDC Park and surrounding region.  In order to achieve this goal David works with the staff, Board of Directors, community agencies, government officials, colleges and universities, and both current and potential tenants.  The role requires building strategies to identify areas of opportunities for new growth, space for expansion of current business, and availability of a trained workforce. He oversees and manages fiscal affairs of the Corporation including development of an annual budget.  He acts as the chief communicator to the local community and media outlets.

David previously worked 34 years for Pfizer and retired as the Managing Director, Strategy and Transitioning Sites.  In his role David had operational responsibility for Transitioning Sites, partnered with the Business Development Team in selling sites, and worked with the Pfizer strategy team on network strategy for Pfizer Global Supply.  He has extensive experience in organizational design, operational excellence, and colleague development programs.  He worked closely with government agencies and representatives at all levels, both domestic and globally.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from SUNY at Plattsburgh.

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