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Camso is the world’s leading specialist in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of off-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks, undercarriage systems, to serve the material handling, construction, agriculture, power sports, and defense industries. In 2006, the Canadian-based company consolidated its North American snowmobile-track manufacturing at their Plattsburgh facility. The Plattsburgh plant opened in 1989 and produces more than 80 percent of all snowmobile tracks used worldwide.


Champlain Valley Educational Services (CVES), one of 37 BOCES in New York State, is committed to serving our region’s many needs. CVES provides career preparation, special education, instructional services, administrative support and professional development for educators, and is a valuable source of assistance to its 16 component school districts as they strive to keep pace with technical advancements and in stride with economic and social uncertainties and change.


From when it began in 1984, Delastek has grown from a small group of six employees to an impressive team of over 130, with production facilities measuring more than 150 000 square feet over three sites Canada, USA and Mexico, plus a sales office in China. Their expertise in engineering and assembly are used to support the aerospace industry in creating and installing cockpit components and the ground transportation industry in the design and production of bumpers and electrical systems. Their site in Plattsburgh primarily constructs bumpers for buses using polyurethane injection technology.


The North Country regional office, located in Plattsburgh, NY,  works hand-in-hand with new and existing businesses to help identify program funding to support business growth and expansion. The North Country Region is a prime gateway to Canada, uniquely suited to companies seeking growth opportunities and cross-border markets. The region’s colleges and universities provide critical research assistance and workforce development.


Fastenal is a business-to-business supply chain solutions company and a wholesale distributor of industrial and construction supplies. Backed by global sourcing, quality, and logistics operations, each location is a local source for a spectrum of OEM/MRO supplies and solutions.


Fujitsu is the 3rd largest IT service provider and 5th largest hardware provider in the world. In 2004, Fujitsu acquired the self-checkout systems and related services marketed by Montreal-based Optimal Robotics under the U-Scan® brand and manufactured at their Plattsburgh facility.  In 2011, Fujitsu Frontech North America (FFNA) consolidated its manufacturing operations for self-checkout and point-of-sale equipment from California to a newly renovated facility in Plattsburgh.


G.M. Collin skin care line was founded in France in 1957. Since 1991, the G.M. Collin dermo-corrective skin care line has been developed and manufactured by Dermo-Cosmetik Laboratories in Montreal, Canada.  G.M. Collin is dedicated to offering women and men of all ages an exclusive range of products from superior performance clinical treatments to the highest quality dermo-corrective home care


Canadian-based Imeco Cables Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of power cables, wiring harnesses, control panels, and overmolding applications. In 2008 the company opened a factory in Plattsburgh to better serve their North American clientele.


Luminator Technology Group delivers globally-recognized technology solutions that increase intelligence, safety, and efficiency for public transit operations. Supporting transit bus and rail car manufacturers as well as public transit operators around the globe, Luminator is developing and delivering technology with tangible benefits to public transit.


Founded in 1989, Medisca is an industry leader in the repackaging and distribution of pharmaceutical compounding supplies with offices in Montreal, Quebec and Richmond, British Columbia in Canada; and Plattsburgh, New York and Las Vegas, Nevada in the U.S.


MTL Cool is a family business that specializes in manufacturing refrigerators for commercial needs. MTL Cool designs, manufactures, and distributes customized refrigeration units across North America! Currently, they operate out of Chambly, Quebec and Plattsburgh, New York.


Norsk Titanium reimagines traditional forge-based manufacturing by creating advanced metal objects through revolutionary additive manufacturing technology. Norsk Titanium provides treatment of materials, namely metals and metal ores by plasma arc additive layer manufacturing. The result is greater strength and durability delivered in an on-demand environment with an improved environmental footprint.


The Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC) is a resource for cooperative educational technology services and support. NERIC makes a wide range of educational technology tools and services available to school districts between New York’s Captial Region up to the Canadian Border.


Northern Culinary Brands is a USDA co-packing food production facility specializing in ready to eat meals and foods in mass quantities for third parties.


SpencerARL New York, Inc. is a market leader in outsourcing services for major and minor subassemblies. The company opened its new plant in Plattsburgh in 2009 to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) services, Sub-Assembly and Sequencing to a Nova Bus assembly plant located nearby in Plattsburgh.


Founded in 2013 as a manufacturer of sterile liquid pharmaceuticals, SterRx is an innovative company with a new vision for 503B manufacturing: Eliminate virtually all human contact with both the manufacturing and packaging processes through the use of robotic automation.


Vapor Stone Rail Systems is the leader in the design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution of door systems for metros, and air conditioning system accessories for commuter trains and passenger trains. Our production facility, located in Plattsburgh, New York, employees 96 persons who assemble door systems and air conditioning accessories. A third plant, in Mexico, specializes in the manufacturing of door panels.


Montreal-based WestGroupe opened its distribution facility in Plattsburgh in 2012. WestGroupe, an independent family-owned and operated company, distributes eyewear in Canada as well as exporting their proprietary brands to over 40 countries around the globe.