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Manufacturers need a strong and technically saavy workforce to drive innovation and that is one reason why so many leading manufacturing companies call Greater Plattsburgh home. Meet some of the companies that are part of the region’s robust manufacturing sector.


  • APG-Neuros, Inc. is a manufacturer of high efficiency turbo blowers for wastewater treatment and industrial applications. Its high-efficiency, environmentally friendly turbo blowers use 30 to 50 percent less electricity than traditional units and require no oil for lubrication. APG-Neuros is a joint-venture technology development company formed by Quebec-based Aviation and Power Group (APG) and South Korea-based Neuros Company. The company has its headquarters in Canada and its manufacturing and testing facility in Plattsburgh.
  • B3CG manufactures cables, harnesses, and electromechanical systems for the medical equipment, telecommunications, public ground transport and specialized technologies sectors. The company has one Canadian assembly plant in Saint-Eustache, Quebec and opened their second facility in Plattsburgh in 2009.
  • Camso is a world leader in the manufacturing of rubber tracks and undercarriage systems for off-road vehicles, composite decks and hulls for personal watercraft, composite hoods and body panels for Class 8 trucks, and injection and blow-molded plastic components for automotive applications. In 2006, Camso consolidated its North American snowmobile-track manufacturing at their Plattsburgh facility. The Plattsburgh plant produces more than 80 percent of all snowmobile tracks used worldwide. The Canadian-based company also operates plants in Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Shanghai, China.
  • Fujitsu is the 3rd largest IT service provider and 5th largest hardware provider in the world. In 2011, Fujitsu Frontech North America (FFNA) consolidated its manufacturing operations for self-checkout and point-of-sale equipment from California to a newly renovated facility in Plattsburgh. FFNA manufactures point-of-sale equipment for Limited Brands (the parent company of Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works), one of many customers whose orders are filled through the Plattsburgh facility.
  • Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals. Quilted Northern Ultra toilet tissue and Brawny paper towels, two of Georgia-Pacific’s premium brands are manufactured in its Plattsburgh facility.
  • Imeco Cables Inc. is a Canadian cable assembly manufacturer and leader in telecommunication. The company manufactures main core harnesses and option harnesses, battery cables and control-panel harnesses for the auto industry, public transportation, heavy-duty equipment and other sectors. With operations in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Phoenix, AZ, Imeco expanded to Plattsburgh in 2008.
  • Key Logistics Solutions provides a variety of supply chain services including warehousing, inventory management, transportation, delivery, sequencing, and light assembly work. In addition to its facility in Plattsburgh, Key Logistics has two facilities in South Carolina, one in Georgia and another in Illinois.
  • Mold-Rite Plastics is a leading manufacturer of plastic caps, child-resistant closures, vials and jars, primarily for the pharmaceutical, nutra-ceutical and personal-care markets. Mold-Rite is one of the top 30 companies of any size that manufactures rigid plastic caps. Mold-Rite designs and builds its own molds, which allows it to offer its customers complete design, engineering and printing services for their packaging needs.
  • Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Bus Corporation, the world’s second largest motorcoach and transit bus manufacturing group. It has provided transit solutions to cities around the world, including Vancouver, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, New York City, Halifax, and Honolulu. Nova Bus opened its only U.S. facility in Plattsburgh in 2009.
  • Schlüter Systems came to Plattsburgh in the mid-1980’s and its current location handles all the company’s North American distribution and some of its production facilities. Schlüter Systems produces and distributes a unique and innovative line of tiling installation solutions that includes protective membranes, joint and edging materials, shower drains, drain adapters and shower kits. In 2009 Schlüter expanded its current operations which included distribution, product promotion, customer service, and product development, and constructed a new 57,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.
  • Swarovski Lighting In 1870 Adolph Schonbek left his family glassworks in Bohemia to open his own crystal chandelier business. Today, Plattsburgh-based Schonbek, is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium crystal lighting, and has delivered custom pieces to the world’s most prestigious venues, from the White House to Buckingham Palace. Schonbek has been a member of the Swarovski Group since 2007.
  • Spencer ARL is a market leader in outsourcing services for major and minor subassemblies. The company opened its new plant in Plattsburgh in 2009 to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) services, Sub-Assembly and Sequencing to a Nova Bus assembly plant located nearby in Plattsburgh.