The Development Corporation (TDC) has a great story to tell.

Through its collaborative efforts it has been remarkably successful in coordinating and developing the economy in Greater Plattsburgh, NY.

In the early 1960’s, a group of local businessmen recognized the need to have a coordinated effort to market the area to industry. At that time they also realized that without the ready land and facilities to accommodate industry, the community would not be able to fully reach its potential.

This core group of business persons’ ideas served as the impetus for The Development Corporation, which was incorporated in 1961, first as New Industries of Clinton County and later as Clinton County Area Development Corporation. The company worked with an innovative plan of achieving economic growth through a partnership with Clinton County, local businesses and banks.

The partnership was so successful that today The Development Corporation is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that owns eighteen industrial buildings in Greater Plattsburgh, totaling approximately 650,000 square feet of industrial space. TDC also owns nearly 100 acres of buildable land in the area. Occupancy of TDC facilities has averaged 91% for the last four years.