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The Development Corporation continues to set the regional standard for excellent business facilities and in meeting the real estate needs of a wide variety of industrial and commercial customers.

TDC’s major focus is growing businesses through the provision of first-rate industrial facilities. Over the past fifty-plus years, The Development Corporation has acquired land and the development approvals for three industrial parks across Greater Plattsburgh, NY.

  • The County’s oldest and most established industrial park, the Air Industrial Park in the Town of Plattsburgh, operates at near build-out and currently hosts 22 industrial users.
  • Champlain Industrial Park, in the Village of Champlain, just south of the U.S-Canadian border, is approximately one-third built, with numerous properties ready for development.
  • Banker Road Industrial Park, in the Town of Plattsburgh represents the central County’s new growth area in this master-planned industrial park facility. It currently has four industrial tenants and is home to the regional UPS facility.